Skincare as unique as you – Best Skincare Treatments

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 Skincare as unique as you – Best Skincare Treatments

Walking down skincare aisles can be overwhelming, with a new ‘must-have’ product or ingredient emerging constantly. Let UNIVERSKIN take out the guess work of choosing products and ingredients.

UNIVERSKIN is a unique and innovative personalised skin care range. Based on years of research, there are a carefully-selected range of 19 active ingredients allowing for a whopping 1.8 million formulas available. With a range like this, you will certainly find the perfect fit.

UNIVERSE skin understands that all skins are unique. That’s why the UNIVERSKIN process begins with a complete skin analysis through a questionnaire, structured around the 8 main skin functions. This enables Dr Sung to select the active ingredients best suited to you – no guess work required!

A uniquely personalised combination of up to 3 active ingredients selected to best address your identified skin issues are added to the Universkin P serum, and in less than 1 minute your skincare formula is prepared just for you! Your formula can then be fine-tuned over time to adapt to your lifestyle, age, skin condition, and any seasonal and environmental effects. Our unique formulation renders the “one-size fits all” skincare products obsolete. Universkin formulates a unique product.

  • Ageing skin
  • Blemishes and acne
  • Dehydration
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Tone
  • Oily Skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Resurfacing and Retexturing
  • Volume Loss

UNIVERSKIN Serum P: A Revolutionary Base

10 years of clinical research have allowed the validation of a major step forward: a cosmetic formula with reparative and soothing properties, a vector of high technology allowing the integration of pure actives in accordance to the ideal concentration for each skin. The technology behind this emulsion ensures the optimal delivery of the actives to the heart of the skin and allows the extemporaneous integration of actives, while guaranteeing their homogeneity and stability. The UNIVERSKIN™ P base can integrate up to 3 pure actives. This process also avoids the incorporation of a multitude of chemical preservatives in the emulsion. Hence, even fragile actives, will deliver their optimal efficacy when freshly incorporated in the base serum.

Camelina Oil: Allows the skin to produce strong natural anti-inflamattories including Omega-3
Biomimetic peptides: Biological messengers that contribute to the physiological balance of the skin
Hyaluronic acid: To maintain an optimal functioning of the cellular matrix



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