What are Threads or Thread Lifting Treatments?

This popular cosmetic procedure is known by a number of names: Threads, Thread Lifts MINT threads. These all refer to the non-surgical facial enhancement treatments that uses PDO threads, or sutures, to lift and enhance lax skin or to create a youthful appearance.

One reason thread lifts are so popular is that they are fully customisable to each patient.  This is no one-size-fits-all treatment and Dr Sung will customise a treatment to suit your concerns and will be as individual as you are.

Another reason thread lifts are so popular, is that the result is non-surgical and non-permanent.  You can expect the results to last 18 months to 3 years, and this treatment has a high safety profile.

How Thread Lifts work

Short PDO MINT Threads are recommended for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, to plump skin and improve the structure under the skin surface, to create a better ‘scaffold’ over which the skin sits.  This treatment takes anywhere from a few weeks to 3 months to see the results and assist in naturally boosting collagen, the support structure of skin, over that  period of time.

Long PDO MINT Threads offer an instant solution to sagging or lax skin, creating a lifted and tightened appearance and more youthful look to skin. We can treat the face and the neck with this type of thread lift.  These long threads have a high safety profile and, although they are not a surgical face lift, patients say the results wind back the clock without the expense and downtime a surgical procedure requires.

Why we use Thread Lifting Treatment

Invisible, painless and biodegradable threads, with “barbs” spaced intermittently along their length, are strategically inserted into the treatments area. The number and placement of the threads will depend on the condition of your skin and your overall objectives. The barbs attach to the skin, and the tissue and muscles beneath, as the thread is pulled taught.

Upon insertion, the barb causes a natural healing response in the treated skin, just like a laser treatment, we are aiming for increased collagen and elastin production. Even without damage to the treated area and the new collagen and elastin creates skin thickness and improved contours in the treatment area.

With long threads, we also achieve lifting as the suture pulls the skin upward to create the lift along with secondary, longer-term collagen production. Studies have indicated that the effect of a thread lift is that treated skin appears lifted or  tighter and has more structure.

After 12-18 months the results will begin to diminish as the sutures dissolve. However, we can expect the rejuvenation cause by new collagen production to remain and was noticeable 3 years or more after the procedure. The procedure can be repeated and can be combined with other cosmetic rejuvenation treatments.

Where we use Thread Lift treatments:

We use this treatment to improve the appearance of skin in areas that sag or look less firm with age:

These areas include:

  • Forehead or brow lift
  • Under-eye / tear trough
  • Cheeks and jowls
  • Jaw and jawline
  • Neck

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