Compression Therapy Varicose Veins Vein

Benefits of compession stockings

Compression therapy plays a very important role in management of varicose veins and as part of your treatment plan post varicose vein treatment.

As part of your vein treatment with Dr Melanie Sung you will be fitted with compression stockings to wear post treatment.
Compression stocking form a very important part of aftercare post treatment.

The stockings provide compression on your leg and helps to reduce bruising and swelling on the treated leg and also pushes on the deeper veins of the leg to minimize any painful symptoms.

Compression stocking work by proving graduated pressure, This means that they are tighter at the ankle and become less tighter as they go up the leg.

During your assessment our team will measure and fit you for the correctly sized stocking and show you how to fit it.
We recommend that you wear your stocking for 24 hrs a day for a minimum of 2 week post treatment.

We recommend that you stay active and walk for at least 45 mins per day wearing your stocking. Walking reduces the pressure in the treated veins and can ease aching that can occur after treatment. Walking will help reduce the risk of complications from your treatment.


  • Consider using a device such as the EzyAs 
  • Wear washing-up gloves (better grip and less likely to catch nails and tear them) 
  • Make sure the leg is dry.  Use talcum powder 
  • Use the silk insert if one came with the stocking 

If you are using stockings for control of swelling: 

  • Put them on before you get out of bed in the morning (have a fresh pair next to your bed) 
  • Have your bath/shower last thing at night 
Mar 2023