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Vaginal Rejuvenation at Femme Aesthetics

We sit down with Dr Melanie, one of our physicians at Femme Aesthetics to discuss Women’s Wellness treatments with EmpowerRF and how they can benefit women of all ages.


Can you share your philosophy on aesthetic gynaecology and the role this plays in overall women’s health?

I am one of the female doctors under Femme Aesthetics at the R clinic, as we are a group of doctors who strongly believe that aesthetic gynaecology is not just about restoring or enhancing the appearance and the physical functions of our women’s intimate body private parts. It is a modern advancement in medicine really focusing on our long neglected issues that women have suffered for long without previously knowing what to do with these “imperfections”, which can be congenital in nature, a consequence of childbirth or from ageing of the body, but often comes with significant negative impacts such as pain, recurrent infections, incontinence, low self esteem and unsatisfied sexual relationships. One cannot really address and enhance overall women’s health without addressing the health of the women’s intimacy. I believe women wants to improve their physical, mental state and also revive intimate relationship with their partners. Aesthetic gyanecology offers treatment options to allow women more options to do so.

Why is it important to you to offer your patients EmpowerRF treatments?

As above, I have been a medical practitioner of over 10 years now, and being a female doctor with interest in women’s health I often have patients across different age groups coming to me getting advice for their different women’s health concerns, such as sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor weakness, genitourinary syndrome of menopause, vulvar atrophy, dryness, itching, reduced elasticity and burning during menopause, or sometimes just changes in the aesthetic appearance of the female anatomy. By offering the LATEST technology with Empower RF treatments, the R clinic is able to offer EFFECTIVE and advanced treatment options to our patients targeted at addressing these women’s issues specifically. Like I said above, our philosophy in aesthetics gynae is about ultimately improving overall women’s health, self esteem and their sexual relationship. Empower RF to us is a carefully considered and selected technology by us to help assisting our women client achieving their women’s health goal.

Why is EmpowerRF the standout platform for women’s health in the marketplace?

It is the newest platform for women’s’ health in Australia that I know on the market that allows many different treatment modalities in one platform that allow us to targeted and treat the majority of the above mentioned women’s concerns. For example, VTone targets the weakened pelvic floor aims at rehabilitating the pelvic floor to reduce the pain , the incontinence, the laxity women’s have especially post birth or for menopause and post menopausal women. The Morphues8V technology specifically helps target the genitourinary syndrome of menopause which is as a results of reduced estrogen production after menopause. These are NON-SURGICAL technology with demonstrated evidence based efficacy and safety record, as approved by TGA and FDA. (On a personal note, I love the name “Empower” as I feel this is exactly what we are doing here at Femme Aesthetics at the R Clinic)

How does a platform like EmpowerRF help to normalise conversations about health issues specific to women?

When discussing these specific gynaecological issues, we discuss ranges of available options to our clients from conservative to surgical. EmpowerRF is an excellent non-surgical option to add to our balanced discussion. Having EMPOWER RF gives our doctors and their clients more treatment option when clients make their informed choices that otherwise would not have access too.

What difference is EmpowerRF making in improving your patients’ quality of life, and women’s health in general? Can you share any case studies that highlight this?

EmpowerRF so far has been making a significant difference in improving our R clinic’s patient’s quality of life.

Case 1) one menopausal woman with past history of breast cancer suffered from severe vaginal dryness, itchiness, urinary stress and urge incontinence with significant pain during sexual intercourse to a point she was scared of any intimacy with her husband, with symptoms only partially treated with topical vaginal estrogen (although being told to be always careful with estrogen as her estrogen dependent breast cancer recurrence could be fueled by the use of the cream and therefore always worried with her continuous use), now undergone a full treatment course with me at the R Clinic involving Vtone, Morpheus8V and Forma V, now able to stop the use of her topical estrogen cream completely and to have had such a significant reductions of all her symptoms now she feels less anxious when having sex with her husband with better relationship.

Case 2) young mother of three children approx. 6 months postnatally with ongoing pelvic floor heaviness, stress incontinence, low backpain with mild diastasis recti, seen women’s physio several times and have reached a plateau with her pelvic floor rehab, recently completed a course of intense VTone and additional abdominal Tone, now very happy with the outcomes in terms of a) resolution of her stress incontinence b) stronger pelvic muscle strength c) improvement in her diastasis recti and d) stronger core muscle strength with less back pain.

Case 3) older post-menopausal woman who suffered from stress and urge incontinence and poor bowel control (diarrhea) for many years, to a point she has to wear adult nappy for long distance travel, or she has to pre-plan her trip so much down to where each public toilet is along the route, significantly affecting her quality of life and fearing any travel and avoiding any travel when she can so that she is fairly housebound, now after a course of VTone and morpheus8V has had significant improvement in her bowel and bladder control with her previous accidental incontinence of bladder and bowel now almost gone.

In terms of results, what are the synergistic benefits of combining EmpowerRF’s multiple modalities? What are your favourite combination treatments?

Individual modality targets slightly different area of anatomy and address different symptoms. However patient normally do not suffer from just one symptom alone, and therefore often needs combining modalities to reach the maximum benefits. Our favourite combinations would be VTone + FormaV for majority of pre-menopausal women and VTone + Morpheus8V (+ FormaV) for majority of our menopausal or post-menopausal women.

Why would you recommend EmpowerRF?

It is the newest TGA and FDA approved medical platform for women’s’ health in Australia that I know on that has multiple modalities able to target different common women’s issues and yet with great results. EMPOWERS women with more choices that are non-surgical or where traditional medical treatments are not “ideal”, at the end of the day able to improve women’s overall women’s health , wellbeing and self-esteem. We clinicians at The R Clinic are very proud to be the first cosmetic-medical clinic in ACT to able to offer this to our client.

Mar 2023