Skin Bar

Tailor made skincare, made fresh in our Skin Bar while you wait.  

Skin Bar

Skin Bar By The R Clinic

Canberras only Universkin™ skin bar providing bespoke and individualised dermalogical-based skincare that is as unique as your skin.

With 19 active ingredients available to choose from that act on the 8 main skin functions, your serum is guaranteed to be meticulously crafted to meet your skin’s unique needs

Cosmetic brands consider their products—our doctors consider each patient.

Our Skin Bar is more than just skincare—it’s a treatment plan specific to your skin.

One Patient + One Doctor = One Formula  

One Million formulations.  One Skin Bar. 

Imagine Universkin as a classy, bespoke cocktail – you define what you want from your skincare, then our team identifies your needs through a comprehensive skin analysis, thus creating a unique combination of active ingredients, just for you.

How it works

Universkin’s revolutionary skincare base ‘Serum P’ is a cosmeceutical formula integrating camelina oil, Vitamin E and biomimetic peptides. Universkins Serum P forms the base for your unique formulation. Serum P base structure allows for the integration of up to 3 pure active ingredients adapted to your unique skincare needs and after a comprehensive skin diagnostic and analysis, your bespoke prescription skincare is prepared fresh in our Skin Bar in less than one minute.

Why we use Universkin

Universkin skincare is an innovative revolutionary approach to skincare introduces formulas that can be made-to-measure, to meet your unique needs. At the R Clinic your personalised Serum P formula will be compounded freshly to you. This method avoids the use of multiple chemical preservatives, so that even the fragile actives – freshly integrated in the emulsion base – deliver their best efficacy. Your formula will be fine-tuned over time to match your lifestyle, age, skin condition, seasonal and environmental aggressions.

19 active ingredients, more than 1 million possible combinations

Universkin philosophy is to make innovative customisable skincare backed by extensive clinical studies and a scientific evidence approach. Because we are all different and so is our skin, it evolves not only with age but along with our environment and our lifestyle. Universkin proposes a new approach to cosmetology.

After 10 years of clinical research, the medical team at Universkin have meticulously chosen 19 pure actives based on their efficacy, their tolerability and ability to respond to a vast range of skin concerns. Their revolutionary Serum P provides a base emulsion that can be integrated with up to 3 pure actives tailored made to suit your skins needs.

With 19 pure actives to choose from, focusing on the 8 main functions of the skin, Universkin allows you to and your doctor to respond to a vast range of skin issues: pimples, dark spots, pigmentation, dark circles, redness, wrinkles, and loss of density in the face, eye, neck and décolleté.

Feel good about your skin and see significant results with your bespoke Universkin Serum P

Create your fomula

Complete your skin diagnostic

First we establish a skin diagnostic in order to define the skin’s needs.  We take the time to discuss with you in person any concerns or objectives you have for your skin.

Select your actives

Select up to 3 pure actives out of the 8 functional categories to develop your own perfectly adapted prescription skincare. The Universkin system includes 19 active ingredients in 3 possible concentrations.

Your doctor creates your unique formula  

In less than a minute, your tailored prescription skin care is prepared before your eyes at our Skin Bar.

Monitor and refine your formula  

As your needs, environment and lifestyle changes so to can your unique formula. Your Universkin Serum P can be meticulously modified to your skins needs as they change.




Come and visit us in our Belconnen Clinic for your personalised skin analysis.

In a comprehensive assessment we will discuss your skin concerns, current skin care products, medical history, lifestyle habits and most importantly your skin goals.

Our doctor will create a bespoke skincare plan will be created for you using a our prescription based skincare range along with our other cosmeceutical products.

Sit back and relax while we create your customised, freshly compounded skincare in just minutes.

Book Consultation

Take our fast and easy skin analysis online, to start your customised skincare journey with The R Clinic.

Our detailed and confidential online skin analysis will take about 10 mins, and will need to be completed makeup free.

A customised serum formulation will then be created for you.

You can contact us to order your prescription serum.

Online Analysis

Own more skincare products than you know what to do with?

skin bar the r clinic

Unsure if the skincare you have is working for you, or even suitable for your skins needs?  With an endless amount of skincare brands available, viral product trends and recommendations it’s understandable that we can end up with a mixed bag of products taking up space on our bathroom counter. But are you unsure if these products and their ingredients even beneficial for your skin type and concerns?

Then our skincare audit is for you!

Our experts in skin care can provide you with a skin analysis and audit your current skin products, advising what should stay, what should go and any products or ingredients you should consider adding to your regular skincare regime.

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