Hyperhidrosis MiraDry Skin

Preparation and Aftercare for your MiraDry treatment

Ready, set, no sweat! Follow our preparation and aftercare instructions and tips for a comfortable and smooth recovery


3-4 days before procedure:

  • Shave both underarms; by the time you come in for your procedure, there will be a little bit of hair growth to identify the area to be treated.

1 day before procedure:

  • Do not wear any deodorant or antiperspirant.

Treatment day:

  • Wear clothes with loose arm holes for easy access to the treatment site, e.g. tank top, sports bra, or camisole
  • Bring a CLEAN top to wear after the procedure.
  • Plan for the procedure to last an hour



  • Local anesthesia is administered to assure maximum comfort during the treatment
  • A temporary tattoo is used to mark the treatment area in preparation for treatment
  • Handpiece application will be guided by marking on the skin and each area is treated by miraDry energy wave that eliminate sweat and odour glands
  • Treatment will generally take about one hour to complete. Most patients experience minimal downtime and return to normal activity right after treatment and typically resume exercise within several days.



  • Immediately ice the treated area using towel or gauze-wrapped ice packs and use non-prescription anti-inflammatory medication (e.g. ibuprofen) to reduce swelling. Continue as needed over the new few days.
  • Keep the treated area clean (wash with water and gentle liquid soap) and apply topical antibiotic ointment (e.g. Chlorsig®, or Bactroban®) to prevent infection.
  • Avoid shaving or applying antiperspirant/deodorant for the next 5 days. If deodorant / antiperspirant is still desired after the treatment, discard any partially used product and open a new product.
  • Wait for 3 days before resuming rigorous exercise and activity.
  • Wear loose fitting tops to avoid underarm irritation for the next few days.

What to expect post treatment?

Most people will experience a significant reduction in underarm sweat and odour after just one treatment with miraDry. In clinical studies, 90% of patients are satisfied with the result after one or two treatments. In addition, you will notice some underarm hair loss which is thought to be permanent. miraDry will cause, on average, an 80% permanent reduction in sweat from baseline levels. If you do not get the result that you were hoping for after one treatment, a second treatment can be undertaken 3 months after your first treatment.

Have any questions or concerns post treatment? 

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Mar 2023