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Here at Femme, we offer FormaV which provides a non-invasive, gentle deep tissues heating for internal and external contraction. It is registered as a therapeutic device for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and to help reduce/improve vaginal dryness. It can also be used externally for vulvar genitalia aesthetics. It provides uniform volumetric deep heating for tissue remodeling with real-time control of surface temperature.

How it works

FormaV delivers radiofrequency energy into deep tissue of vagina and vulva. By heating the tissues, it effectively increases blood flow, collagen, and elastin throughout the treated area. The increase in tissues strength also improves the overall appearance of the vagina and vulva.

Who is suitable?

This innovative treatment is suitable for women who notice some vaginal laxity, effects of aging on the labia and vulva, vulvovaginal atrophy, decreased vaginal sensitivity and urinary incontinence. It’s also suitable for tightening the external labia minora and majora.

Please contact us to book a consultation with one of our practitioners and to find out how FormaV treatment may be suitable for you.

Why we use FormaV?

FormaV has several benefits for women who desire non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation. These include:

  • Tighter, more compact, youthful appearance of the labia and vagina
  • Increase sensation during sex
  • Prevention of bladder leakage and overactive bladder
  • Improved G-Spot sensitivity and sexual function
  • Decrease vaginal dryness causing painful intercourse

Expected result

The ideal protocol recommends 3 treatments of FormaV, each spaced 4 weeks apart. Most women will experience optimal improvement 3 months after completion of treatment. The benefit of FormaV will last about 12 months, and patients will typically return once a year for single treatment to maintain their result.

  • Treatment Time – 20- 30 Minutes
  • Discomfort – Minimal
  • Recovery – 12 Hours

Preparation & Aftercare


  • Perform a pregnancy test when applicable
  • It is important have an up-to-date normal PAP test (within last 12 months) and recent normal vaginal exam to ensure that there are no active infections
  • Discontinuous any topical agents for 2-3 days prior to treatment. If medically permitted anticoagulant should be stopped 1-2 week prior to treatment
  • Hair in treatment area should be shaved, not waxed, or chemically removed 2 days prior treatment
  • Empty bladder prior to procedure

During procedure

The FormaV device tip will be inserted into vagina canal where it delivers gentle radiofrequency energy into the tissue. It is a non-invasive bulk tissue heating and most patients will report feeling of a warm stone massage. The heat will provide rejuvenation to vaginal mucosal surface that leaves the vaginal tissue refreshed.


  • Empty bladder immediate post procedure
  • Avoid very hot water wash in treated area or submerge in hot water for at least 2 days after the treatment
  • Avoid mechanical contact with the treated area for at least 2 days (pelvic rest)
  • Contact our treating doctor if any indication of infection, excessive swelling, redness, pain, or any other unusual symptoms


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How many sessions are required?

Your treating doctor will determine the best treatment plan for you. The majority of patient have 2-3 sessions; however, most notice a difference after only 1 treatment. The number of sessions depends on your treatment concerns, your personal goals, and if you plan to use combination treatment approach.

Is the treatment Painful?

Because it is a non-invasive procedure, so it does not involve cutting or manipulating vaginal or labial tissues. Most women find heat that is applied to the area comfortable. Some patient report discomfort on insertion of the device, but this is more to do with nervousness on the part of the patient, which promotes vaginal dryness.

Is there any restriction after the treatment?

Patients may resume their normal activities without any necessary ice packs or ointment. The only restriction is to avoid submerging in hot water for 2 days.

What is the contraindication for the treatment?
  • Have any electric implants such as cardiac pacemakers, or internal defibrillators
  • Have had surgery in the treatment area within the last 6-12 months
  • Have history of skin cancers or genital cancers in the treatment area
  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Have an undiagnosed vaginal bleeding
  • Have bleeding from active menstrual cycle