Fractional radiofrequency technology vulvovaginal atrophy



At Femme we are proud to offer Morpheus8V, a fractional radiofrequency technology designed to provide intra-vaginal sub-epithelial remodelling that addresses a wide range of women’s health concerns. It treats deep beneath the surface improving collagen, and elastin production and increasing the strength and thickness of feminine tissues. This leads to more support, lubrication and elasticity of vagina and vulva.

How it works

Morpheus8V applicator is a fractional device with programmable penetration depth and energy delivery. The micro-pin needles penetrate the sub-dermal tissue, contracting the connective tissue. Whilst simultaneously, delivering directional RF energy to generate heat in the treated area and providing intravaginal submucosal remodelling. This stimulates a healing response from the body, which increase production of collagen and elastin, resulting a firmer, more elastic vagina and vulva.

Who is suitable?

This state of art technology provides significant result for patients suffering from urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, vaginal laxity, crepey and loose vulva appearance. We also seeing patient report improvement in lichen sclerosis, interstitial cystitis symptoms and vulvodynia.

Please contact us to book a consultation with one of our practitioners and to find out how Morpheus8V treatment may be suitable for you.

Why we use Morpheus8V?

Morpheus8V has several benefits for women who desire non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation. These include:

  • It’s the “all-in-one” treatment reported to improve symptoms of urinary leakage, overactive bladder, sexual enjoyment, and vaginal dryness
  • Comfortable and safe in-office procedure with minimal downtime
  • Long lasting results, easily maintained with an annual treatment
  • Improves patient confidence and quality of life without surgery or prolonged downtime
  • Decreases chronic vaginal infections and UTI

Expected result

A series of 3 Morpheus8 V treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart is recommended for best results. Each treatment begins with topical numbing and lasts 30 minutes. Optimal benefits are seen three months after the third treatment. Morpheus8V can be paired with FormaV or VTone to further provide synergistic result.

  • Treatment Time – 30 Minutes
  • Discomfort – Mild
  • Recovery – 2 Days

Preparation & Aftercare


  • Perform a pregnancy test when applicable
  • It is important have an up-to-date normal PAP test (within last 12 months) and recent normal vaginal exam to ensure that there are no active infections
  • Discontinuous any topical agents for 2-3 days prior to treatment. If medically permitted anticoagulant should be stopped 1-2 week prior to treatment
  • Hair in treatment area should be shaved, not waxed, or chemically removed 2-4 days prior treatment
  • Empty bladder prior to procedure

During procedure

  • While the treatment is non-invasive in nature and takes 15-20mintue, topical number cream may be used to provide further comfort for those patients who have concerns for pain.
  • The Morpheus8V probe is inserted intravaginally to deliver controlled pulses of energy via arrays of micro-pin electrodes.
  • Pulses energy will be applied in a circular fashion throughout the vaginal canal
  • A tingling heat sensation may be felt during and after the treatment
  • The probe can also be applied externally to provide treatment of labial tissues for further tissue tightening


  • Empty bladder immediate post procedure
  • Avoid very hot water wash in treated area or submerge in hot water for at least 2 days after the treatment
  • Avoid mechanical contact with the treated area for at least 2 days (pelvic rest)
  • It is advised to contact your treating doctor if any indication of infection, excessive swelling, redness, pain, or any other unusual symptoms


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How many Morpheus8V treatments are needed?

To achieve the optimal result, it is recommended 3 treatments 4-8 weeks apart.

Is Morpheus8 V Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Safe for Darker Skin?

Yes. Many laser treatments cannot be used on darker skin tones – because the pigment in the skin can absorb too much of the laser energy and causes burn. But Morpheus8 V utilizes radiofrequency energy rather than lasers – so it is gentler for all skin tones.

Can Morpheus8 V Also Improve the Appearance of the Labia?

Yes. Technology of Morpheus8 was originally developed as a skin resurfacing treatment to smooth and tighten the face. Morpheus8 V extends these skin rejuvenating benefits to the genitalia – for a labia that is smoother, tighter smaller and less “droopy”.