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Universkin™ believe that the skin reflects the state of physical health. Being comfortable in your own skin starts by not having to think about it as you go about your day. The goal is to give all out patients access to dermatology-based skincare, so you can experience the personal confidence that comes with a healthy, smooth, even-toned skin.

Based on years of research, the medical team at Universkin™ has selected 19 active ingredients based on their efficacy and tolerance. So there are 1.8 million formulas available – there will certainly be one that is perfect for you.

The hero product, customised Serum P

To design your serum formula, Dr Sung will complete a skin analysis is through a questionnaire structured around the 8 main skin functions to enable him to select of the best active ingredients for you from the 19 we have available.

Serum P can integrate up to 3 pure active ingredients. Your fresh formula will be compounded freshly to you. This method avoids the use of multiple chemical preservatives, so that even the fragile actives – freshly integrated in the emulsion base – deliver their best efficacy. Your formula will be fine-tuned over time to match your lifestyle, age, skin condition, seasonal and environmental aggressions.

Why a personalized serum formula?

Universkin sees all skin as individual, and Dr Sung can create a fresh, unique product which corresponds to your specific skin needs and your environment. As your environment changes, we can change your serum to suit you. 

I have very sensitive skin. Can I use the P serum?

Dr Sung will work with you to ensure that the most suitable active ingredients are mixed into your serum to be formulated specifically to your skin and its needs.

My skin is not sensitive or inflamed, is Universkin P serum right for me?

Your P serum can be carefully formulated to be gentle on the skin without compromising on its efficacy. Dr Sung will work with you to accommodate all your skin concerns while creating your unique Serum P formula. 

Is the Universkin P serum suitable for all skin types/colours/ethnicities?

Since the Universkin P serum is made fresh and tailored specifically for your skin D Sung is able to use actives that are suitable for your skin type and colour. Regardless of your skin dysfunctions or origin, we can treat you. 

When will I see the results?

Results may vary depending on your specific formulation. In general, you can expect to see improvement in inflammation within 2-6 weeks, and 6-12 weeks for wrinkles and spots.

What about other skin care products?

As well as custom Serum P, which is available as single and double pack, we can offer cleanser, Hyaluronic booster drops, moisturisers, balm and luminising powder.