Acne Scarring

Acne Scar Treatment Acne


Is acne scarring holding you back from the smooth skin texture you deserve? Repair your skin from acne scarring with our tailored treatments and cosmeceuticals at the R Clinic.

What is acne scarring?

Acne scar results from the damage caused by moderate to severe acne. Trauma and damage to the deeper dermal layer of the skin triggers the body’s natural healing response, when the skin begins to heal tissue is created which is different from our normal skin tissue resulting in pits, abnormal skin contour, redness, and pigmentation.   

Scarring from acne can be scored on severity from low level to severe with scars classified into four main groups: Ice pick scar, box scar, rolling scar and hypertrophic scar.

What causes acne?

Scars are created when skin is damaged in the deeper dermal layer of the skin. When our skin is damaged our body signals to our cells to produce more collagen to heal the wound or trauma. This is the body’s natural response to heal the body quickly which can result in uneven tissue or uneven skin texture. While acne is transient, the marks it leaves behind are not. Acne scarring should be prevented above all other symptoms, by successfully treating and controlling acne until hormone regulation is achieved, you can minimise the occurrence of scarring. 

How can we help?

At The R Clinic we take a holistic approach to your acne scar treatment. Microneedling therapy coupled with cosmeceutical skin care can help to achieve optimal results for patients. Our treatments and approach help encourage collagen production, reduce inflammation, and promote barrier repair.  

While scarring can be challenging to eradicate, the good news is your scarring can be reduced, fading and becoming less noticeable over time. 

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