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Revitilise, rehydrate and reset dry and dehydrated skin. Our team at the R Clinic have the expertise to diagnose and treat your dry and sensitive skin, helping to restore balance to your complexion.

What is Dry and Sensitive Skin?

Dry skin is often a misunderstood skin condition, with two factors forming the basis of dryness: lack of water and lack of oil. Due to these factors, there are two types of dryness: water dryness (dehydration) and oil (lipid) dryness. It is possible to be suffering from both or just one of these types of dryness, Dry skin is often a temporary condition that results in tight, itchy, rough or flakey skin texture.

Signs that you might be experiencing dry skin include sensitive, dull, itchy skin which can feel tight and can be flaky.

What causes Dry and Sensitive Skin?

Common causes of dry skin include – frequent showers, use of harsh soaps, poor skincare habits, ageing, or certain medical conditions. And for those in colder climates, it can stem from the cold, dry winter air. Water intake can also influence your skin, if you simply aren’t hydrating your body, your skin can’t keep hydrated.

Dry skin occurs when the skin doesn’t retain sufficient moisture. Our skin’s magic barrier (stratum corneum) helps keep our skin’s hydration in check and balances our levels of moisture. When this barrier is compromised or is out of balance with reduced oil levels, our skin can lose its moisture leading to dry, dull and rough skin.

How can we help?

Bringing balance and restoring your skin’s natural moisture barrier is important to reviving dry and dehydrated skin. At the R Clinic we have a range of medi-aesthetic treatments and cosmeceutical skin care to help you achieve hydrated rejuvenated skin.

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