Oily Skin and Enlarged Pores

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Respond to congested, oily skin and enlarged pores with our range of pore-refining treatments here at The R Clinic.

What is Oily Skin and Enlarged Pores?

Your body naturally releases sebum (natural skin oils) made by the sebaceous gland. Sebum is released through your pores to keep your skin protected and hydrated. Sebum is made up of precious skin oils, lipids, which are primarily natural squalene, waxes and oils.   

When our sebaceous glands work overtime and produce excess sebum this can lead to excess oil on our skin and inside our pores resulting in oily, shiny skin with visibly enlarged pores. 

What causes Oily Sin and Enlarged Pores?

Oily skin and enlarged pores occur when your sebaceous glands, triggered by factors such as environmental conditions, hormonal imbalances, or diet, gets knocked out of balance, producing more oil than your skin needs. Using certain over the counter products such as cleanser for oily skin can also damage our skin’s magic natural barrier causing an increase of oil. This causes pores to expand with trapped dead skin and excess oil, making them appear large and unsightly.  

How can we help?

With an in-depth knowledge of skin, skin conditions and pharmaceuticals, our doctor led team have the expertise to guide your treatment for oily skin by taking a holistic approach to get balance back to your skin. At the R Clinic we have both cosmeceutical topical treatments and medi-aesthetic treatments to put a stop to your oily skin. Return balance to your skin by repairing its natural barrier through micro-needling, LED therapy, and chemical peels. Continue treatment at home with our range of tailored UniverSkin cosmeceutical range.

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